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Cancer J'écoute! – The Cancer Connection

A partnership between the Fondation Jean Marc Paquette and the Canadian Cancer Society

The Fondation Jean Marc Paquette recently signed an agreement with the Canadian Cancer Society to set up a hot-line service for cancer victims and their loved ones. The agreement, reached on February 21, 2003 runs for six years for an overall funding commitment of $300,000.

In Québec, Cancer J'écoute! (Cancer Connection) is a joint program of the Canadian Cancer Society and the Fondation Jean Marc Paquette which is adopting the national Cancer Connection approach that already exists elsewhere in Canada. Cancer victims and their loved ones will therefore be able to speak to specially trained people to help them, listen to them and, above all, provide them with an opportunity to talk to other people facing similar situations. It is a mutual aid telephone program that is free, accessible, confidential and adapted to existing needs.

This service will be accessible all over Québec in both English and French beginning in the fall of 2003.

The mission of the Fondation Jean Marc Paquette is to collect funds and organize fund-raising campaigns. Through special events among private individuals and companies mainly in legal and business communities, with proceeds going to health-related projects that represent major issues in society. The Foundation has set up the CLARA project, a mobile breast cancer screening clinic with which the Canadian Cancer Society is a major partner.

The Canadian Cancer Society is a national community-oriented volunteer organization whose mission is to eliminate cancer and improve the quality of life of people affected by this disease. In partnership with the National Cancer Institute of Canada, it pursues its mission through research and public awareness programs and services to people affected by cancer as well as by lobbying for government policies relating to health matters.

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